Thursday, April 5, 2007

What Post-Christians wish the church was like

  • I wish church was not just a sermon but a discussion. They would love to be able to participate and ask questions.
  • I wish the Church sometimes met outside the church building. Can’t you worship in a coffee house, a home, a dance studio?
  • I wish church was less programmed and allowed time to think and pray. They long for more time to quiet themselves and pray meditatively.
  • I wish the church was a loving place. Post-Christians believe that folks in the church love one another and perhaps others that are like them but they do not love those who have different beliefs or lifestyles.
  • I wish the Church taught more about Jesus. Post-Christians like Jesus or at least they like what they think they know about Jesus and they would like to learn more. And they would like it if the Church acted more like Jesus taught!
  • I wish someone would ask me to be a part of a church. They want an invitation from someone they trust who they believe accepts them and loves them as they are.

    Outreach magazine

Are we at Trinity the kind of church they are looking for? If so, how do we reach out? If not, how should we change?

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