Thursday, September 13, 2007

Free at Last! Free at Last! Thank God I'm Free at Last!

Well, it was rough but I did manage to break free from my prison this morning and grabbed a ride back to the church from a friendly guy with a limo (he gave me a coupon for one free hour of limo rental with the purchase of an hour--what do you do with two hours in a limo?!). So it was a day of firsts, my first arrest and my first limo drive.

Thanks to your help, we were able to raise enough money to send 3 kids to camp plus some extra. My total this morning was around 2300, That was a bit shy of the 2600 that they gave me as a goal but they seemed happy enough.

And I'm truly glad to be free and at home!

Thanks everyone.

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Kate said...

Well, as usual you are wearing black & white. They could have given you a nice red mug to bang against the bars for a nice accent.