Saturday, September 29, 2007

Internet Famous!

Well, Steven has always aspired to being internet famous and now he is having his minutes of fame! He wasn't awarded the Mental Floss internship, but they have asked him to do some freelance work on their blog--and his area of expertise is band! So check out his article on psuedo-trombones. And keep him in your prayers as he enters the dangerous world of the Swamp down in Florida--and unless things have changed since my AU Band days the danger comes not from the football team but from the extremely rude, crude and obnoxious fans (in four years of college football, Florida was the worst experience I had with our opponents fans! Have I mentioned how much I like Florida to lose -- simply becuase their fans were so awful!)


Kate said...

Our thoughts are with him in the bizzaro orange and blue world.

kims said...

After reading your famous son's article, I was well prepared Sunday when one of our youth showed up to play a valved trombone. When I asked him about it and he said what he REALLY wanted was a superbone, I actually knew what he was talking about! Thank you for keeping me so well informed!

Sherill said...

I can't wait to share that story with Steven!!!