Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 3 -- Leaving Egypt

It has been a busy, busy couple of days. On Sunday, we awoke early and loaded on the bus to head for Sinai. On the way, we made a couple of interesting stops. Our first stop was to a well where tradition says is Massah and Meribah where Moses struck the rock and God provided water (Exodus 17:1-7). Then we stopped at a hot sulfur spring on the edge of the Red Sea where Egyptian tradition says the Pharaoh was killed when the Red Sea closed on him and now the spot has healing powers. For lunch we stopped at a resort on the Red Sea where we were able to walk in the waters and play on the beach for a bit. The Red Sea is beautiful. The water is just as pretty as the Gulf Coast. Finally, we arrived at St. Catherine's Hotel. The link I put on my blog earlier was not for the wrong hotel. The one we stayed in was much more charmer albeit a bit more rustic. We had dinner. Then our tour guide Ahmed (pronounced Auchmed) took us to a Bedouin tea house where we had a drink (the stiffest cup of coffee I've ever had!) and he taught me how to play Egyptian backgammon which has different rules from anything I have ever played. I can't wait to teach Craig (If I can remember). Then it was to bed--for a brief time because my alarm was set for 1:15 a.m.!!!

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