Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Best Christian Albums of 2007

(by the way, if they aren't vinyl can the be albums? Goodness--how many of you even remember vinyl?!)

Here is Christianity Today's List of the top Christian albums of 2007:

12. The Heat (NeedToBreathe, Atlantic Records)

11. The Ringing Bell (Derek Webb, INO Records)

10. Five Score and Seven Years Ago (Relient K, Gotee/Capitol Records)

9. We’ll Never Turn Back (Mavis Staples, Anti-Records)

8. Remedy (David Crowder Band, sixsteps/Sparrow Records)

7. Sleeping Fire (Adam Watts, Red Decibel Music Group)

6. Oh! Gravity (Switchfoot, Sparrow/Columbia Records)

5. Okay (Jeff Caylor,

4. Recovery (Jeremy Casella, Saint and Pilgrim Music)

3. Tell Me What You Know (Sara Groves, INO Records)

2. Overdressed (Caedmon’s Call, INO Records)

1. Salvation in Lights (Mike Farris, INO Records)

I own numbers 11 (Derek Webb), 8 (Dave Crowder Band) and 1 (Mike Farris) and I have to agree that they are all fine albums. And Salvation in Lights is one of the best albums I've heard (of any genre) in a long time! What are some of you favorite?


Kate said...

I'm zip/zip.

Amy said...

i like #1 & 8. Honestly, I have never even heard of some of the ones you listed. hmm. Thanks to itunes, i rarely buy a cd anymore. i just download what i like!
I'll check these out!!!