Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Abandon News, All Ye Who Enter Here

Our first day in NYC was wonderful! We are staying at the Belvedere in the Theatre District. We have a lovely room on the 15th floor with a view of the city as well as the Hudson. We had lunch in Times Square then went ahead and walked down to The Daily Show studio. They had suggested we arrive around 3:30 but since it was the first day that they have resumed taping we got there at 2:30 which made us about 18 and 19 in line and waiting for the 5:15 entrance. We didn't have to cross a picket line since the picketers didn't show up until 3:30 or 4. Standing in line was a great people watching exercise--picketers, reporters, photographers, and a wide variety of people. Overheard while in line:
I'm not voting for that old white Southern guy--what's his name? Edwards? Yeah--that guy. (from the young man standing in front of us)

(as a news camera man panned the crowd in line to the 50ish man in front of us)You broke the demographic!

Of course, Jon assured the audience that they didn't write anything last night. And he was still really good! Nonetheless, he had tried to broker the same deal that Letterman did and for some reason they didn't accept his. You can check out clips from the show at The Daily Show for an exploration of why this might be? Because he is on basic cable? Because he is short? Because he is Jewish?
In any case, my act of penance is that I will do some things to help support the writers when I return home. Although I do think I'll stop short of growing the unibrow!

After the show, we returned back to the Theater District for a wonderful Thai meal and then collapsed at the hotel! Today, we plan to go to Soho and Little Italy.

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Amy said...

How EXCITING!!! I wanna go soooooooooooo bad!