Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ch . . .ch . . .ch . . . changes (part ii)

There are political changes--which theoretically--are somewhat under our control. But then there are those changes that simply just happen. Changes happen—good and bad—that change how we live our lives, how we interact, and even how we define ourselves.

And maybe I'm being overly dramatic. But in a short 24 hour period, I bought Laura her first prom dress; she got her driver's license and drove off by herself for the very first time; and Steven's college graduation announcements arrived in the mail.

It is exciting watching these really neat kids grow up. The changes are at once joyful but also bittersweet as I realize that very soon they'll be on their own. (Actually, for all intents and purposes Steven already is!) And with each of these changes, I realize the truth that our children are only given to us for a short time and then we have to give them back to God.

It is really a good thing that God is a better parent than me!


kims said...

I like how you connected these two posts. You & Craig have clearly done a great job with your great kids! I think God knew just what was up when placing your three kids into your and C's nest! Blessings on you all!

Shane said...

And just think, you won't have to drive Laura to rehearsals now and if she's late, she can't blame the parents anymore.