Saturday, April 12, 2008

Changes . . . part 4

A good friend called recently and reported that she kept up with my life via my blog. Then she noted that I hadn’t written much lately. Well, I must confess the usual busyness at the Clontz household has reached a new level. With Steven graduating in May, we have almost weekly trips to Auburn (yes, Steven we know we don’t HAVE to come, but we want to come!), then there is all the work involved with preparing to leave Trinity and the much anticipated work of getting to know my new congregation and new community, add to that the normal end of school events and regular duties and well . . . if I find time to update one of the two blogs each week I’m lucky!

So I’ve made a decision to consolidate the two blogs. I don’t see any reason why we can’t discuss reaching the un-churched and the younger generations here. Plus it will soon be time for me to pass the torch on any specific plans at Trinity. So starting today, I will cease to update Re-Creation (although if anyone at Trinity would like to continue it, I’ll be glad to turn it over to you!). But I do intend to get back to weekly updates on all I’ve been reading plus update those who care about life at the Clontz house (next week is prom and I promise pictures!).

By the way, does anyone know an easy way to copy the posts from Re-creation and incorporate them into Comfortable Being Uncomfortable?

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