Saturday, April 19, 2008

Prom Night!

No--it isn't a horror movie (at least not so far). So far, tonight has been exciting and fun.

The festivities started at 1 when I took Laura to have her hair and makeup done by Greg. Greg has been cutting my hair since soon after Steven was born so he has known her all her life and he did her hair with great love! While he was putting on her makeup, an opera singer from New York (she is singing tonight with the Huntsville Symphony) remarked, "You can get a New York makeup session in Alabama?!"

We are very proud of our beautiful group! Here you see Christina, Phillip, Laura and Trent. How often do a brother and a sister choose to double date! At the moment, they should be getting a table at Carrabba's.


Tony said...

We are proud of your kids as well. They are good eggs.

Tony and Debbi

Sherill said...

Well--as a firm believer that it does take a village (or better yet a church!) to raise a child, I am so grateful for those who have helped us. Thank you both!

Anonymous said...


They looked great! Hope they had a good time.