Saturday, May 3, 2008

Weekly Review

This has been quite a week for reflections. I think I've bookmarked more articles this week than any other week, so the challenge will be to pick and choose. So here we go:

First, I discovered a blog that I love! Check out Beauty and Depravity written by Eugene Cho, the pastor at Quest Church in Seattle (wish I'd known about his church when we were in Seattle last year instead of wasting time trying to contact Marc Driscoll!) He has a great sense of humor and I don't recommend reading it if you can't handle satire and sarcasm (although it is gentle). I had to control myself not to recommend every one of his posts from the past week. Some of the highlights this week are ultimate fighting jesus about concern over the feminization of the church; my conversation with rob bell about women's leadership in the church; and 10 reasons why men should not be ordained for ministry.

You may want to check out Coldplay's newest album, some say they are following in the footsteps of U-2.

Interest in Jesus is coming from the strangest places and the strangest people feel qualified to tell us about him. But somehow I can't imagine that the director of Basic Instinct is well versed in the subject.

Poor Christian Witness of the Week goes to Christian marketers who steal the designs of others.

10 Ways to Find Balance in your life.

Coffee Pastor reflects on the problem preaching on Mother's Day!

Our youth pastor, Tony, reflects on the importance of names--especially the name Christian. Hey Tony-- other names that are important to me: Mom, wife, pastor.

Scot McKnight reflects on reading the Bible for formation.

Beliefnet had a blogalogue containing conversations between N.T. Wright and Bart Ehrman discussing evil.

Over at Out of Ur, David Swanson gives an uncomfortable challenge about what to do with our economic stimulus tax refunds!

Well that's enough for now.


Kate said...

To be fair, director dude (I think it's Esterhaus), had his epiphany well after Basic Instinct.

Sherill said...

He may have had an Epiphany but if Crossin says he is in left field then he is really in left field!!

Kate said...

No Doubt