Friday, June 20, 2008

Another week in review

Here are some interesting observations from the past week.
"I know he died, but I don't want change."
Okay, I dislike change. We’ve established that fact. But I would never vote for a dead candidate over a living one in order to avoid it!
“It’s just the cold realization that the world is really really dirty.”
Check out this video about the Reverse Graffiti Project.
“While there is nothing wrong with nurturing friendships or teaching people to be solid citizens or caring for community needs, the church is a spiritual community in which we gather to support and equip each other to serve the world in the likeness of Christ.”
Over at A Church for Starving Artists, Jan reflects on the church as a spiritual community and asks the important questions: Does my church serve my needs? Or does it make me a better follower of Jesus? Over at Emerging UMC, Taylor Burton Edwards asks a similar question: “Who comes to worship? Consumers or Community?”

Len at Next Reformation reflects on the differences and similarities between management and leadership.

Steve West, pastor at Grace UMC in Monrovia, has recently started blogging and I recommend you check out his reflections (and his music).

Dan Kimble talks about Chris Martin’s (Coldplay) recent Rolling Stone interview.

Larry Lowe shares his experience at ICTHUS last week. I’m so grateful for adults who are willing to work with our youth (and who actually enjoy it!). And I am especially grateful for those like Larry (and all the wonderful Couples for Christ folks at Trinity) who work with youth even when their children are still a long (well they’ll be surprised how short) way from adolescence!

Over at Tribal Church, Carol Merritt reflects on Why She Cares About the Middle Class and the essentials of Seminary education. Can we find a balance between the traditional classroom model (which I strongly believe in!) and the increasing need for flexibility in providing that opportunity?

Hope for the trees at Toomer’s Corner!

An interesting new translation of the Bible is just around the corner. Hard to imagine for over 300 years, we essentially only had one English translation. Those persecuted for trying must be smiling now!

Is this serious?

Over at Theolog, Bromleigh reflects on the appropriateness of prayers of confession for moms who suffer from an overabundance of guilt. I think that most of Mommy Guilt is not real guilt but shame induced by a culture that insists we do too much and be too much whereas prayers of confession deal with our true sins. What do you think?

What about small groups? Are they helpful or not in building Christian disciples? I’m a firm believer that small groups are essential to growing in faith.—but then maybe that is John Wesley whispering in my head!

Now for something completely different, check out examples of literary references in the work of Monty Python!

What would you add to this list of the Top 10 Annoying Songs? Popcycle Toes and Afternoon Delight come quickly to my mind!

If you love Contemporary worship and don’t have a sense of humor, don’t check out this article in the Wittenburg Door. (Actually if you don’t have a strong enjoyment of satire and sarcasm, I recommend avoiding anything at the Wittenburg Door!)

At Christianity Today, there is a very interesting article about secular Jewish author, Daniel Radosh, talks about his experience with the Christian culture bubble.

And in the poor Christian witness of the week category—two families fight over whose fingerprints are found on the famous Footprint poem!

In the Oh my Goodness category, teenage girls in Massachusetts have apparently entered into a pregnancy pact!

That’s all for now. Have a great week!

Photo thanks to Sifah


Hillary Dunham said...

Thanks for the youth worker shout out. We love it! And I love the contemporary worship article. That's hilarious and so true. You should check out Have you ever seen that blog? It's awesome. You'd love it.

Marty said...

O.K. my nomination for most annoying song is Mac the Knife ... it has a whole lot in common with same-phrase-musically-and-verbally worship songs. I'm always glad to see where your blogs take us!

Sherill said...

If you think Bobby Darin's version is annoying, you should hear the Broadway version! It makes Darin's version sound like great art!