Friday, June 13, 2008

Stuff I forgot

Opps--here are a few other items I meant to share:

Nothing but Nets is quite the buzz.

Surprisingly, the unchurched prefer traditional designed churches to contemporary ones!

What do you think? Should pastors plan their sermons on their own and use a team approach?

What should we say about hell?

How much should churches expect of members?

How much more fun can you have than playing a word game while feeding the hungry?

And check out this wonderful article on Eric Clapton and his faith.


Steve West said...

Wow, I'm really surprised about the unchurched preference on buildings. Then again, sounds very ... "emergent."

Marty said...

Oooooo.KKKKKKaaaaay ... I'm not surprised that the unchurched prefer Gothic Buildings ... they are iconic and if you are looking for church, you start with the place that most LOOKS like church. BUT, and this is a progression of sorts, as you go deeper into your faith, is it the stained glass windows and the candles burning that are witness to our transcendence or is it our transcendence in life that is witness to our faith?

I think style, architecture, and trappings becomes less and less important and what is important is our authentic response to the living God. The setting that we can authentically respond in may be entirely different as we grow in faith which takes me to the "How much should churches expect of members?"

Shouldn't this question be "How much should God expect of His people?" I think that question takes care of the first question. I'd rather be open to God's work through me and around me than meet the expectations of church. What a frightful thought ... and yet Jesus says fear not ... now there's a conundrum!

Interesting questions that need more thought; but you always make me think outside of my box. Thank you!

Shane said...

Nothing but nets is admirable, but the Malaria problem could be eliminated in its entirety, not just ameliorated, with a controlled and deliberate use of DDT.

A gothic style building, or even a traditional steepled building, leaves no doubt in the viewers mind as to what happens (or should happen) in this building. There is no camouflage, no subterfuge, no pretense that "we are just like everything else in the world."

If there is no hell, in whatever form one chooses to imagine (physical punishment, alienation from God, oblivion, frozen in perpetuity, loss of hope, etc)and salvation is universal, why bother with all this Christian living stuff?