Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekly Review

Do United Methodists have a hymn tradition? We should, but I side with those who say we don't any more. And what is really sad is our lack of knowledge of the Wesley hymns! But still, just so we don't take ourselves and our silly arguments over worship and music styles too seriously, check out this wonderful ode to a new organ from 1901.

Speaking of arguments in the church, the Church of England has endorsed women bishops but some object.

Over at Collide, a young worship leader shares what he believes are contemporary worship faux pas. His first five include guitar solos (!) and one of my "favorites" (But tell me how we get around this problem!) announcements in the middle of worship. The second five include worship leader "sermons" and performance/solo pieces! What do you think?

Relevant magazine continues to explore burning issues for the church, this week concluding with injustice

"Pet Owners Prefer McCain"?! Do pollsters not have enough to do?

Speaking of animals, Steve West reflects on the important lesson he learned from raccoons!

Shouldn't church mottos be at least as compelling as business mottos? (Although many seem to think the church motto is "have it your way!")

What if Noah had blogged?

Christianity Today gives some suggestions on how to read The Shack. (And if you haven't, I highly recommend it. It will make you think!)

Should we treat Generation Y differently? Some business recruiters say "Yes!" and others emphatically say, "No!" And David Barnhart continues his reflections on the younger generation.

If you are reading this because you are bored and don't want to follow all my links check out 101 Things To Do When You are Bored or better yet The Bubble Wrap Calendar!


Kate said...

Wow! If you decide to preach from Song of Solomon and play Your Body is Wonderland let me know. I want to experience that!

Shane said...

Methodists have quite a hymn tradition, but as with all traditions, if they are neglected and not continually reinforced they will fade away.

As for the Contemporary worship faux pas: Any of the elements can become a distraction from worship, or they can enhance. I do agree with the awkward silences because of no transitions, and extended guitar solos can become annoying. worship leader emo sermonettes are just another symptom of what I call the "tyranny of the extroverted."