Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekly Review

What do you think? Were the Beatles a Christian band?

Check out these life lessons from Batman. My favorite: "Be prepared ... for anything.
You never know when you're going to be dangling from a helicopter as a shark bites your leg. Do you really want to be the one to tell the Dark Knight that you left the Anti-Shark Batspray at home? A utility belt: Learn it, live it, love it."

And for something completely different, check out Nelson Mandela's 8 Leadership Lessons. My favorite: Nothing is Black and White

Then, of course, there is the example of Jesus for pastor's looking for a role model. I love these reflections on the role of the pastor to interpret the lives of people as well as they interpret the Scripture.

The internet monk reflects on his surprising journey of faith.

Scary church news! And an Australian reflection on it.

And for those not interested in guns in the church, there are those calling for more sex!

Then there are the manly churches.

And if none of those appeals to you, perhaps you would prefer a virtual church.

Reflections on torture from a pro-life mom.

Globalization at its best?
What more can I say?

Over at Collide, a wonderful reflection on church mottoes and the verbs we use.
Demonstrate, don’t demand.
Reveal, don’t distract.
Engage, don’t entertain.
Proclaim, don’t produce.
Invite, don’t invade.
Lead, don’t lag.
Teach, don’t tell.

Are we cheapening the faith with our Christian products?

One view on why Christians should care for the environment.

Questioning God.

New Life is one of the churches beta testing our new weekly benchmark reporting system for the Conference. Each week, we provide information on attendance, new members, professions of faith, and baptisms. As we hear more calls for accountability of churches and pastors, some are wondering what defines an effective church.

Do the words we use in worship matter?

And Larry Lowe shares his experience with public transportation -- not to be confused with an alternative lifestyle!

Another exploration of the theology found in The Shack.

Until next week!

1 comment:

kim s said...

so i'm thinking, Sherill, that a REAL manly church would ditch the flowers, pastels and 'sweet music,' AND preach more sex AND give away semi automatic rifles. whaddaya think?!

please pass this on to the Bishop as a new church start idea