Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm a Quiet Critic? What are you?

I took the Church and Politics quiz over at Leadership Journal and I am firmly (right smack in the middle) of the Quiet Critic quadrant. When I first read that I was not happy--surely I'm not as political disengaged as that! But then I read their definition of Quiet Critic: Quiet Critics steer away from a direct role for the church in politics, instead emphasizing the church's purity by maintaining a separation from the state. Quite honestly, that is what I believe--so a quiet critic I am--someone who believes the church is called to be prophetic but not entangled with the state.

I'm curious---what are you? You can take the quiz here.


kscites said...

i'm a (31,26) quiet critic as well

Marty said...

I am a 28, 32 quiet critic. It could be a methodist thing.

Sherill said...

It would be interesting to test that hypothesis out!