Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekly Review --Sunday Sep 7th

Have any of you discovered Cha Cha? My kids have introduced me to the next best thing to the Foy Union Student Desk! And better yet, you can text a question and they'll text you back with a response! It's a trivia lovers best friend!

Now on to more serious stuff . .

Let's hear it for loud, scatalogical Christians! (Actually I had a professor at Vandy who maintained there was a connection between scatology and eschatology because eschatalogy was about what God would do with the mess we've made of this world.)

Agree or not, this essay expresses what many think about Christians.

You might be a faith blogger if . . .

Can the church learn from Pixar?

Dim or bright lights in worship? Have I mentioned I love the natural light in our sanctuary?! But so far, I'm in the minority on this poll (of course only 13 people have responded!)

I may be a quiet critic but I am a critic and I agree wholeheartedly with Jim Wallis' observation on Sarah Palin's speech. Speaking of which, check out what John Ortburg's reflections on religion and politics as well as Eugene Cho's rules on Christian civility in politics.

Some studies related to abortion and economic growth. And an emerging ethic for pro-life progressives.

Personally, I'm glad to know that bra burning is a myth.

Oh to be tailgating on the Plains!

While in Seattle with my Institute for Clergy Excellence Group we met with "The Three Amigos" who have made great strides in Interfaith Dialog and now they have a forum!

"Have To" or "Want To" Sermons

Am I Called to Preach?

and finally--

Image "Blinded By the Light" by evaxbebra

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