Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Review Sunday September 14

Wow! What a great day at New Life today. 50 of us gathered at Lake Guntersville for the baptism of a family of 7 plus one other young lady. We celebrated Holy Communion and had a picnic lunch together. It was a wonderful moment! I hope to share pictures soon!

Here are some of the things that caught my eye this week!

A New Kind of Leadership -- Does this make me a young evangelical?

Ever wonder what the letters that prompted Paul's letters were like? Check this out!

Should we ignore 2000 years of church history? I think not!

As Hurricane Ike approached Galveston and some chose to ride out the storm, I couldn't help thinking about the family legend which claims that my great-great Grandfather rode out the great hurricane of 1900 on a houseboat. Keep those in the wake of Hurricane Ike in your prayers!

Steve West reflects on dancing in front of a casket.

Bishop Willimon reflects on the importance of a teaching church.

Check out the nerdiest rap songs.

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