Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekly Review

Thanks to a wonderful Monday off, I'm actually doing a weekly review this week! Be sure and keep those in the path of Gustav in your prayers and if you are in the Birmingham area, check out the Conference website for ways you can help.

Carol Howard Merritt asks, "How do you keep Sabbath?"

In honor of my husband and my eldest son: The Steven or Stephen Quiz (I love Mental Floss!)

Tony has a new blog focusing on youth ministry. Check it out!

A reason to be proud of Auburn--but here is an even better one!

“In a curious inversion, religion is one of the possible places from which one can deploy critical doubts about today’s society. It has become one of the sites of resistance.” Hmmm . . .


We upped the legal drinking age to stop the problem of college binge drinking now college presidents want us to drop the legal drinking age to stop it. Perhaps we aren't addressing the real problem!

The future of theology?

Interesting insights on Christians living inside culture rather than outside of it-with an even more surprising male bias given the main point of the essay.

My kids will be so excited--texting is green!

The Bishop on Young Clergy as well as reflecting on Christians conferencing about the Iraq War.

5 Things Super-Happy Couples Do Everyday

I find this scary!

Donald Miller's wonderful Monday Night Benediction for the DNC! (The low point of the convention for me was Wednesday night listening to the ABC newscasters saying, "We have to interrupt this prayer, but . . ." The next night we switched to PBS's coverage!)And be sure and check out Donald's Miller's e-mail exchange with Obama!

Speaking of which--even businesses are calling for more (real or fake!) authenticity! (Check out my image above--it has "Authentic Food Court flavor!) What does this have to say to the church?

Keep track of your fuel efficiency!

And in honor of the season of state fairs: 5 Amusement Parks that Are No Longer Amusing and a few of my favorite memories (one which is no longer amusing, one which is no longer an amusement park, and one which is the best state fair in our state!)
StoryBook Land then and now! Oh the joy of a chocolate Yahoo while on the way back home for this visit to fantasy land!
Glen Echo Park (Where I learned a hatred for wooden roller coasters that I later overcame and whose House of Mirrors is still fresh in my mind!)
State Fair of Texas! Can you believe at age 11, we were given bus passes and a day off from school to go the fair ON OUR OWN!

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Katie said...

Yes, we went on our own and yes it was fun! I wish I was there now...Chicken-fried Bacon!