Friday, October 24, 2008

Sacred Echo

As I mentioned last week, I received an early copy of The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg to review. I've been so immersed in reading a variety of books on the Apostle's Creed that I have just now found the time to sit down and read it, but it was worth the wait! The subtitle of the book is "Hearing God's Voice in Every Area of Your Life" and Ms. Feinberg explores the way God speaks to us again and again. Essentially, this is a book about a lifestyle of prayer--especially a lifestyle of listening for God's voice. She is very honest about the struggles involved in listening for God. She shares her own experiences of unanswered prayers and the frustration of calling out to God. But she also shares her experiences of hearing God's answer to her prayers--even when the answer was not what she expected and even those times when the answer while comforting was not what she wanted.

The Sacred Echo is one of those books that is best savored. Read a chapter and reflect. In fact, she includes questions for reflection in the back. I plan to recommend this book to our Monday morning Women's Bible Study group because I think it would be an excellent resource for small groups. (I think they may in fact be going to release a DVD study based on the book.) However, this is not a "woman's" book but a book on spiritual development that is equally applicable to men's lives as to women's.

Each chapter of the book was based on some sacred echoes that she has heard from God. They were:
I love you
sing it again
how long?
read it again
you follow me
if you don't wear your crown
take care of my people
bring them to me
you are not alone

Then she invited others to share some sacred echoes they have heard in their own lives, so here are some I've heard through the years (not in any particular order):
What will you give in return for your life?
God chooses the foolish to confound the wise
There are giants in the land! But I will be with you!
Don't you trust me?
By my God I can leap over the wall
Guard what I has been entrusted to you
Is the Lord's power limited?
Feed my sheep
Woe to me if I do not proclaim the gospel

What are some things God has repeatedly whispered in your heart?

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