Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekly Review October 10th

As someone frequently frustrated by the obsequious Left Behind books and their theology, I am ordering my copy of Left Behind or Left Befuddled soon!

Of course, I love you

Check out the 12 Tribes of Politics. Which tribe are you?

Looking for cool youthful clothes that make a difference in the world? Check out Jedidiah

Want to invest in something that really makes a difference? Check out Kiva and Opportunity International. (for my first day of the 10 Day Give, I've made a loan to Comfort Sam who sells rubber and plastic products in Ghana.

The SBC weighs in on whether a woman can preach or be vice-president.

Speaking of Sarah Palin, John Ortberg speaks out on churches and politics.

Thanks to the UM Worship Listserve Ruach, I discovered some new websites related to contemporary worship:
Spring Harvest
Worship Together
Praise Charts
Great Worship Songs
and the one I am most excited about:
Mustard Seeds

Image: Left Behind by Katrina Artists

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