Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekly Review October 17

A few interesting reflections on the upcoming election:
McCain, Obama, Two American Exodus Stories
Decision '08 Is there a bigger decision than who we should vote for?

And on the current economic crisis:
Financial Crisis as time for reflection
Church Leaders Urge Stewardship
Our Worth Comes from God Not Money
Save All You Can Give All You Can
Wilderness Opportunities

What makes Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow" so wonderful?

Porn and our kids

Perhaps my next sermon series should be on the Song of Solomon! (New Life folks: Don't worry I can't read it aloud without blushing!)

In honor of Joe The Plumber, 10 interesting facts about (licensed and unlicensed) plumbers!

Cleric Eric shares some interesting facts from his safari.

Anne Rice's Spiritual Confession

And now for a fun moment (Pastor's Warning: There is the use of one expletive (think of a donkey) in this video.)

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