Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weekly Review Nov. 1

Remember on Tuesday, to pray, to vote and then to pray for whomever is elected!

What happens when a redneck country singer meets a teacher?

Some reflections on community: Thoughts from Scott McKnight and classnotes from Larry Lowe. And getting at the same point from a different angel: The Illusion of Community Part 1 and Part 2.

If videoconferencing hinders judgment then what does that say about video venues for churches and elections determined by what we watch on TV?

How many personalities do you have?

A short list of troubling common sins. I love this man's authenticity!

Could the financial crisis be a good thing for the church?

Schooled by the Psalms

The Gospel according to Johnny Cash.

How does your church's logo score on the holiness scale? New Life's get a 1 but that is only if you look really close and see a dove in the water. Marty did you plan that?

The evil of thoughtlessness

To keep from being overwhelmed

Guess the Dictator or Sit-Com character. I had fun stumping it and the best thing is that when you do, you can add to the program!

If you've ever been curious about the Dead Sea Scrolls but didn't know where to begin, Scott McKnight recommends this book.

Let's hear it for those who know how to apologize as well as those who know how to forgive.

Declaring Doom

The Christian roots of Halloween

Recycled Outreach

Starbucks Spirituality

Gotta love a Broadway Musical quiz. I missed one because I forgot the cardinal rule of tests--always go with your first answer.

Your guide to the electoral college

Mainline or Methodist? Which should we be?

Is Hell a real place?

And now for fun:

Finally--election alert! Don't read beyond this point if you are tired of political discussion.

Christians push poverty to the forefront of the '08 election.

A Christian perspective on immigrants

A reflection on losing the center of political discourse or what happened to the McCain of 2000.

Following up last week's reasons to vote for McCain, reasons to vote for Obama.


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