Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekly Review November 21st

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving has arrived so quickly? I hate that each year it seems like Thanksgiving is further absorbed into a general celebration of Fall or the Christmas season. While Christmas and Easter are celebrations of what God has done for us, I love that Thanksgiving gives us time to remember all the multitude of ways God has blessed us and to express that thanks! So here are a few articles reflecting on gratitude:
Belief in Gratitude, Bridges to Gratitude, Prayers for Thanksgiving, The Gospel of Thanks-living, Barriers to Gratitude, and from Steve West Reflections on Thanksgiving.

Continuing reflections on community:
Community and Ministry

What the unchurched think--or don't think--about the church

A Powerful Exercise

A Prayer for the President

Some reflections on stewardship:
My favorite stewardship cartoon.
Using the S-word in church

Speaking of s-words, here are some articles on teenage sexuality:
Red State/Blue State Sexuality
Tyra Bank's study of teen sexuality (when did she become a scientific researcher?!)

John asks why we stand for the gospel but not the other scriptures.

Ben Witherington on why Calvinists are so negative!

Is preaching as we know it on its way out?

If this article from EmergingUMC is correct, Christian education in the UMC leaves much to be desired!

Some thoughts on Joan Baez's newest album. I can't decide what I find more offensive, listener's objections to the spirtuality in her music or the assumption that a woman in her late 60s looks old (I think she looks great for someone nearly 70!)

A slave's daughter votes at age 109!

Adam Hamilton on whether his church members are liberal or conservative.

The externally oriented church

Rural and small town churches can grow! Wish I could have attended this conference!

I suspect none of us are too surprised, but this study showed that religion was used to mock and to divide in the last election.

This therapist should have read some John Wesley and he would have learned this but right actions do create right feelings!

The UMC has a new advertising campaign. I like it--but can we live up to it? (And Trinity should be very happy with this! It fits in well with their vision statement and the Trinity Difference!)

Newt Gingrich thinks we should end adolescence? What do you think?

While this blogger worries that some of us are never leaving adolescence.

In honor of one of my favorite actors: 10 Facts about Clark Gable

This week, I've discovered Roger Ebert's wonderful blog. What a great way for a man who has lost his voice to find it.

And for this week's entertainment, John Fry's take on the Auburn/Alabama game and how it reflects American culture

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