Friday, December 12, 2008

Weekly Review -- December 12th

Well, here I am taking a break from Christmas shopping 21st Century style. In other words, I'm sitting in our sun room in front of the Christmas Tree in my Christmas PJs shopping on-line. What did we do before the internet? ;-D

This was a busy week in the blogopshere, lots of opinions and observations floating about.

Movie Ministry compares 4 Christmases with Twilight.

What were the biggest religious news stories this year:
Times Magazine chimes in as does Christianity Today.

So this is a bit harsh, nonetheless it will make you think. Check out Jesus Junk
I'm not sure which is my favorite--the frog or the chicken nativity

A review of What Would Jesus Buy? I haven't seen this movie yet, but it is on my to do list.

Battling Depression and Sloth One of the 7 Deadly Sins which hits close to home!

Over at God's Politics, Jim Wallis shares why he believes we should accept GM's apology. (I've always wondered why Christians who claim to believe in the importance of confession seem so skeptical of other folk's confessions! Let's hope God is a bit more gracious with us!) And Ryan reflects on what would happen if the Amish were in charge of our economy.

Did the Grinch steal the non-Christmas sign? What is a proper Christian response to Atheist Evangelism?

How to revive a dying congregation?

An interesting and disturbing article on how poverty affects brain development in children.

For those struggling this Christmas season, check out Praying Advent Through Darkness.

Rose reflects on the Christian faith and assisted suicide. At USA Today, they share
for discussing end of life issues with one another.

At Out of Ur, Bob Hyatt reflects on a middle way to discuss same sex unions. (Unfortunately, I think you have to subscribe to their free newsletter to read it. But it's worth reading and reflecting on.)

Speaking of middle ways, Adam Hamilton reflects on George Bush and a middle way of discussing evolution.

Thanks to Matt Reed for sharing Social Networking Etiquette.

At Gen-X Rising, Andrew points to some hope regarding the UMC and young clergy.

Some couples are staying married because of the current financial crisis. Good thing or bad thing or something in between?

And which generation is really the dumbest?

Okay girls--How Christawesome is your Christmas Sweater?

Serious Second thoughts?

4 Toys that Have Gone to War for America. I never realized the strategic value of Silly String!

The Story Behind the Halmark Manger Scene

Comics count down the days until Christmas.

Christianity Today shares some great Advent and Christmas Links.

Wouldn't it be nice if faith was convenient?

8 Great Christmas Specials (and it includes my all time favorite!)

Eugene Cho wonders why Christians haven't taken notice of the tremendous witness of Dong Yun Woon.

So rather than a laugh this week, let me share Don Yun Woon's witness:

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Shawna Renee said...

Thank you for the link. Glad I'm not the only one who's favorite deadly sin is sloth.

And I still need to do the RevGals Friday Five.