Thursday, January 1, 2009

Weekly Review January 1, 2009!

A new year and here is a review of some interesting insights from the last week of 2008.

Let's begin by saying a prayer for the situation between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. No matter what our political leanings are in this situation, we need to pray for those innocents caught in the middle of these two waring groups. My heart breaks for children without electricty, clean water, and medical help.

What should we have in common with Jeff Buckley, Ray Charles and Elvis?

And Coffeepastor explores the similarities between head coaches and pastors. Which reminds me of a conversation I once had with a member at Epworth who claimed the Sr. Pastor was supposed to be the head coach calling the shots. While I understood what he meant, I had to disagree because it seems to me that Christ should be the head coach (Scriptural Christ is the head of the church!) and, therefore, I see the pastor's role as more like the quarterback leading on the field based on the guidance of the coach. And of course it doesn't matter how beautiful a pass the quarterback throws if someone isn't where they need to be to catch it and run with it.

Does Christian music need to be saved?

Recession and "Marley and Me"
How can the church flesh out the incarnation?

Relevant's Top 10 Books of 2008. I've read two and have one more on my shelf.

One of the things I don't understand

and yet another I spent way too much time on New Year's cleaning up my computer!

Out of Ur offers up a big heaping sarcasm with it's list of the Next Big Things.

The Baby Jesus Among People In Need

Improve attendance, add liturgical dance

The New Year is a great time to start a Covenant Discipleship group. Learn more from the Office of Accountable Discipleship

Good news for my boys: Needed Math and Science Teachers

Research is showing again and again that virginity pledges don't work. How can the church speak louder than culture?

The Sound Guy/Girl Haiku

Some interesting insights on the connection between eschatology and parenting.

New Year Reflections
6 Questions that Create a New Future (I plan to spend some time on these questions in the next few days!)
It's a New Day!
A New Year's Note from Gen X Rising
Instead of Resolutions--how about New Year's Revolutions!
Ben Witherington's Prayer for a New Year. Amen!

A few laughs to start the year (yes I know some of these are commercials but sometimes they are really good!)

and in honor of one of my favorite shows

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