Friday, February 20, 2009

Eclectic Echoes -- February 20th

Greetings from sunny California. Craig and I arrived here Monday--and it was cool and rainy! We've seen San Diego and Los Angeles. We had a great time and it was exciting to watch things change daily as Hollywood prepares for the Academy Awards. Our hotel was behind the Ford Theater and we watch the red carpet go down and almost hourly changes. Too bad I won't even be able to watch them live on TV since I'll be on a plane returning home (but I am ready to get home!) And now I'm at the GCFA Quadrennial Training in Irvine, California.

And while I may have been busy playing, lots of folks have been thinking deep thoughts. Here are a few:

Over at United Methodeviations (quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs!), reflections on the use of humor in worship as well as asking whether or not Christians have to be stupid.

On the North Alabama Conference website, the Bishop and Cabinet share how clergy appointments are made.

Which leads to another reflection: Are all healthy churches growing?, Measuring Ministry, and Measuring Faithfulness

Narrative leadership in changing times

Steve West shares his personal experience with spiritual formation.

Roger Ebert remembers Gene Siskel--this is a beautiful reflection on a complicated and beautiful relationship.

You go girl! 8 Great Literary Heroines

And in honor of the Oscars!
7 Oscar Night Surprises
My Brief Wonderful Life

And now for the laugh of the week: Twilight Moms!


Craig Clontz said...

Our hotel was behind the Kodak Theater. The Ford theater was where Lincoln met his fate.

Sherill said...

Sorry -- had a brain freeze