Friday, February 27, 2009

Eclectic Echoes -- February 27th

Ed Steltzer says the greatest sin of the church is that we allow members to be pew sitters rather than disciples of Christ!

Related to that is this reflection on the problems with confirmation.

So what is the optimum level of conflict in a church?

Here is a scary poll. The title says Only 2 Percent of Teens See Clergy as Role Models but what is scarier is that while 80% say they are ethically prepared to make ethical business decisions, 40% of them think they need "to break the rules" to get ahead!

The Biology of Belief

Last week, I shared Roger Ebert's touchy tribute to Gene Siskel, this week Jason Boyett reflects on what the tribute had to say about the importance of tradition to faith.

An Ash Wednesday Reflection

Why a good Southern Baptist boy observes Lent

Funny words and suggested uses

Finding subtle ways to tell your pastor to wrap it up (may I add--none of these will work on me!)

Tom reflects on how blessed he is to be a Methodist. (And his parents must be proud!)

Steve reflects on the blessings of being persecuted.

Eric wants to know what would Jesus read? My friend with the new Kindle wants to know names of good books to download. What have you read recently that you would recommend?

When the movie is actually better than the book . . .

How to give your child a Biblical name. We get no points for Laura and Steven but we'll have to start calling Laura "LE." But surely we should get at least two points for Phillip Andrew (despite the misspelling of Phillip)

The Amazing Race: Why Mel wouldn't pray to God to win (Talk about a surprising place to find a wonderful theological reflection!)

NT Wright responds to Piper on views of Justification.

According to Roger Ebert, this year's Oscars were the best ever! I was on my flight home from California during most of the ceremony and I'm looking forward to watching it along with the Red Carpet festivities on HDTV.

And speaking of which, the laugh for the week

Image: The Biology of Belief by Illustration by Christian Northeast for TIME

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