Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Road Goes Ever On

I often get asked about the "long" commute from Huntsville to Grant which is somewhat funny since a large number of folks in Grant commute to Huntsville to work each day. I'm just going in the opposite direction. In any case, it is not a long commute, 35 minutes if you drive the speed limit (a bit less than that for me). And actually it generally took 30 minutes to get home from Trinity if I left during the rush hour. Furthermore, it is a beautiful drive! (Check out the picture of Kennamer Cove taken from the top of the mountain near the DAR school--and the kids get to see this every day going to classes!)

But I've decided the best thing by far is the therapy I receive while driving! I have over an hour each day where I can talk (and at times argue) with God. I can think over what needs to be done. I can mentally rehearse my sermons. I can think through what I need to say to folks. If I'm angry at someone, I can tell them just exactly what I think--with not edits--which I finds usually releases the need to actually say some of the more stupid things that pop in my head. And on days I need to drive to Birmingham, well I can add four hours of therapy.

I guess that is why I don't listen to as many podcasts as I thought I would on my drive. Nor do I listen to books on tape. In fact, I generally listen to one of three things: Sirius XM Broadway Channel (try singing "Loathing" from Wicked when you are mad at someone--great therapy!), National Public Radio (All things Considered or Morning Edition), or Sirius XM Spirit (Contemporary Christian).

So for my family or friends who are concerned about the drive--other than I have to remember everything when I leave or I'm in trouble (I now have a spare robe and white stole in my closet just in case!)--I think I'm probably healthier for the drive!

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Kim S said...

I sure don't like to drive (I'm a horrible driver!)but I do so love the solitude! Thanks for this post - I get it!