Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eclectic Echoes -- March 19th

So I'm a few hours early this week. Doesn't happen very often, but there won't be time tomorrow as I have a sermon and an Emmaus Talk to write. So here are some of the things that caught my interest this week:

Andrew Thompson reflects on the need for community and the distrust of institutions and what it means for United Methodism.

Wesley for Calvinists

And why are the Calvinists getting all the attention? (Don't say it was predestined!!!)

Sex sermons cause a stir in Cullman County!

What do you know about UM Clergy Spouses?

Is there a place in our churches for smart folks?

Five types of followers and how to lead them

A Preacher's Rant on Weddings The end of this article has some great insights for couples wanting a church wedding!!! I wish I had enough nerve to copy it and give it every couple that asks me to officiate at their wedding!

Review of the new Wesley Study Bible

Speaking of which, Scot McKnight shares insights on reading the Bible.

My son is still internet famous, his article on former band geeks made Mental Floss's Quick 10 College Weekend.

Larry shared some great class notes on work and faith and in doing so provides some great devotional material for all of us.

And here are some of my favorite cartoons from the Naked Pastor
Western Uncivilization

And for this week's laugh

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