Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter in the Midst of Real LIfe

This has been a strange Holy Week at our house. Laura has a job working as the Easter Bunny’s helper, so she’s worked almost every evening. Laura had a paper due and Phillip has a test. Buckhorn held their Jr/Sr Prom on Holy Saturday. And in the midst of the silence and contemplation of Good Friday, a tornado created havoc in Grant. Not exactly the sort of set apart holiness one expects of Holy Week.

And yet . . . isn’t that just what we celebrate on Easter? In the midst of daily life, God comes. The first Good Friday featured an earthquake so on Easter Sunday there must have been many cleaning up the mess. And while I doubt the local shul probably didn’t have a prom, I suspect there were student learning the Torah, young men preparing for their bar mitzvahs, and young girls preparing for weddings. And in the midst of the ordinary joys and suffering, God did a new thing!

So maybe this year, we didn’t need a quiet, contemplative Holy Week. Perhaps we (I!) needed to be reminded that God most often comes when we least expect him—in boring ordinary events like tests and papers, in exciting events like proms and weddings, and in our shared sufferings. But when God comes everything takes on new meaning and all things are made new!

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