Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eclectic Echoes-- April 16th--After Tax Edition

So grab a cup of coffee or tea--or your teabag if you prefer--and check out these items from the worldwide interweb.

What's in a word? I do believe my daughter is a textrovert!

Shoutin' Methodists This reminds me of Nanny, who used to point out whenever the opportunity came about, that the "other side" of her granddad's family were shoutin' Methodists but we were most definitely not!

What's your NPR name? I had a hard time figuring out the smallest foreign town I have been to -- Sherilla St. Catherine

Tradition! Tradition!

Faith in God helps Anxiety
Teleprompting Prayers

15 Film Production Credits Explained--I always wanted to know who the key grip was!

Star Trek Jokes For Craig!

Thinking, Learning, and the Future of Christian Education

Why aren't your people inviting people to your church?

Busy Mom's Balance Family and Faith

Finances--What would Wesley Do?

The inspiring story behind the Scottish Church Lady

Reverend Billy's plan to strengthen local banks

Reflections on UMC
Lowest Common Denomination
Studying the Bible as Wesleyans (this is a podcast of Bishop Willimon's presentation)
Getting Back to Wesleyan Basics
Are there Wesleyan Basics Worth Reclaiming?

Reflections on Scripture
Do you love Jesus or are you merely fond of him?
Christ is Risen! Run Away
Limping and Praising
Bishop Willimon on the God who refuses to be done with us

And for the laugh of the week--something you don't expect--the Spanish Inquisition!

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