Monday, April 6, 2009

Eclectic Echoes -- April 6, 2009

I am officially waaaay behind on everything! So much so that I just marked 1000s of items on my google reader as read without even looking at them. But here are a few things that caught my attention this past week:

We had two great Palm Sunday services! And I confess I really enjoy watching the kids play with the palm branches even though I was tempted to yell, "You'll poke your eye out!" So I especially appreciated this blog on Using your Palm Branch as an instrument of mass destruction!

Metaphoraging--Guiding metaphors for churches

Larry continues to share his wonderful Sunday School lessons: Who are you cheating?

So we've all seen the same old bulletin bloopers again and again. For a laugh, check out these typographical terrors.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Institute for Clergy Excellence, I got to hear Phyllis Tickle yet again! Here is a good interview with her.

How important is your little toe?

U-2's Profoundly Spiritual Vision

The Dangers of Easter

Tearing Down the Church Together

Eugene Cho's Absolute 10 essential books for Christians

Bishop Willimon on Sinners

10 Broadway Musicals Based on Books (We're seeing Wicked in two weeks!)

Mark Covington on UM Constitutional Amendments

Dave Fergunson on Dashboards--seeing how the church is doing. And the North Alabama Dashboard is now on-line for all to see!

And the big conversation this week is the UMC ordination process. Here are some interesting reflections on the subject by those going through the process as well as some serving on boards:
Ordination in the UMC, after (sorta)
The Board of Ordained Ministry: The Unofficial Guide for Candidates
Reverend-Elect: My Experience with the Board of Ordained Ministry

And now for this week's laugh of the week:

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'I just marked 1000s of items on my google reader as read without even looking at them...' i used to this in school ATT HAHAHAHA hope by next Monday you're all caught up :)