Friday, May 15, 2009

Eclectic Echoes May 15th

It's a rather scary experience, but anyone who blogs knows this feeling:My DS reads my blog along with other People I actually know

Reflections on the recent poll indicating a majority of Christians support torture
life and grace, abortion and torture
How We Think About Abortion

UM Reflections
Bishops Roll Back Wages
An Attack on the Episcopacy
Are UM Bishops Overpaid
How Do You Know If It Worked
Bishop Willimon gives advice to new pastors--part 1 and part 2
Great (and not so great) Expectations in Worship

As usual, some really good stuff at Stuff Christians Like. My favorites this week:
Doubting Doubt
Saving Seats at Church
Getting Tricked into Volunteering at VBS
Making an Idol out of Sports (I confess I have always envisioned Satan in crimson red!--seems appropriate doesn't it?)

Could Green Day Be the Next U2?

Morning Devotions OUCH! This one hurts!
Quitting Time This one hurts too!

Best Stimulus Package Ever

Dear Christians, This is a Bad Idea

Dr. Awesome gives advice on how to ask out a girl

If Mystery Science Theater did movies from the 80s

And now for the laugh for the week

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