Friday, May 22, 2009

Eclectic Echoes--May 22nd

Abortion Statistics are Changing Should the church's rhetoric?

The Wisdom of the Crowd

Facebook and the Congregation

The Wesley Study Bible and the Local Church

Thin Places and Jesus

I don't want a life that requires much faith

Will anyone be tweeting at the North Alabama Conference?

Advice for New Pastor's from Bishop Willimon, Part III

Things that make you go hmmm . . . The Right Sized Staff

Obama on Faith and Doubt

On the "death" of the New UM Hymnal:
Steve West on a "bridge" hymnal
How to Make a New UM Hymnal Work
ReBe Hymnal

If you haven't yet, please subscribe to the Young UM Clergy 40 Days of Prayer.

Take action on behalf of Burmese peace and justice activist--Walk On

Earl moves from Resistance to Persistence

Prayer Often Is the First Thing to Go -- A Pastor's Confession to which I can relate!

On Taking the College Years Off from church. Many of us (including me) did it, but we don't recommend it!

Messin' with the (UM) System

Does blogging allow for deep thoughts or is it a shallow medium?

Five things the new American Idol did right. I confess I saw the announcement of the winner--however, I also must confess it was the very first time I had ever seen the show!

Now for this week's laugh of the week:


A united method said...

Yes, we'll be tweeting it up ;) #naumc

Sherill said...

Y'all have fun! I'll be too busy for it!