Friday, July 24, 2009

Eclectic Echoes -- July 24th

Been a busy few weeks: Great vacation on Tybee Island with extended family. Phillip turned 19 and Steven 23! We've had VBS and are in the midst of youth week at New Life. We have a new youth director, a new secretary beginning Monday, and are working on finding a children's director. In addition, we are beginning a six week visioning process on August 17th followed immediately by a stewardship emphasis month. In addition, I have two candidacy mentor trainings to conduct and a paper to write. So I continue to have little time for blogging. But I thought I'd at least share some of what I have been reading. And maybe (at least after the paper is written), I'll be able to return to reflecting on some of the things my mind has been processing this summer. (I do have a professional diagnosis of thinking too much!)

Peacebang reflects on her henna tattoo! They are fun, but mine is probably coming off today!

NT Wright reacts to gay ordination

Part of my fun reading on the beach was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Jason Boyett has some other suggestions.

Superstitious Atheists and Superficial Believers

Big news this week, Jimmy Carter finally leaves the Baptist church over the issue of women clergy:
Jimmy Carter on Losing My Religion for Equality
Why are there (still!) so few women clergy?
Should women lead no matter what?
Standing in the Shallows
Women Excluded From Ministry: I Just Didn't Think About You

NPR reflects on the problem with censoring a racist rant.

Miss California and the politics of sexual redemption

John reflects on the itineracy

Is Michael Jackson in heaven?

What kind of (facebook) friend are you?

Grumbling in Church

Very bad ideas: Who wants to be a Buddhist?

Who are these people? The importance of exegeting your congregation

Given the situation at Camp Sumatanga, here is an interesting article on church camps closing.
If you didn't hear Bob Murray's report at Annual Conference, check it out here and note the WONDERFUL news!

You're An Interim Pastor and You Just Don't Know it

Lots of comments on Derek Webb's new album, Stockholm Syndrome, which contains the song What Matters More. I'm posting the video, but warning it does contain an expletive (part of the controversy and part of the point he is making). I have a great deal of respect for his work (many of you may know him from his work with Caedmon's Call) and I find this very thought provoking (but honestly I agree with his point). (for those reading this on facebook, you have to visit my blog to actually see the videos I embed)

Laura reflects on family and having (and not having)children

On Being Mad at God

Congregations as places that offer life

And this week's laugh of the week:

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