Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why should my face not be sad

As I listen to the news reports of the violence in Cairo as well as the wonderful stories of peaceful demonstration and Egyptians of differing faiths protecting one another, I keep thinking about the faces of the people I saw in Cairo. So as an act of prayer on their behalf, I thought I would share some of the faces I encountered.


Craig Clontz said...

Very Nice!

Mountain Mama said...

Pictures of the people we saw in Cairo twenty years ago have been in my mind, too. The loving families and laughing friends: Muslim, Christian, and non-believers. I will always support those who work for positive change but violence distresses me. Let's pray that all those involved in the conflict see the faces of the others seeing them as real people, not just physical embodiments of a political or religous viewpoint that one may find repulsive.