Friday, October 12, 2007

First Full Day in Cairo

Okay--so this is not one of the pictures I took today and as soon as I get somewhere where I can download pictures, I'll post some. But I did take one just like it!

So here was our day!

We left the hotel at 8:30 and went to the Egyptian museum. There we saw more mummies and sarcophagus than you can imagine! It was great except for the Tutankhamen room which was more crowded than a Who concert (and if you are too young to understand that reference look it up on Wikipedia!). So I got out of that crowded awful room!
One of the big moments for me was seeing the Merneptah Stella which is the oldest recorded mention of Israel and helps date the Exodus to the reign of Ramses II.

After the museum we had lunch before going to the Great Pyramids. We actually went in the second pyramid (shorter than the Great one by 12 feet). That was an experience and I learned that my claustrophobia is not about small places but about lots of people because I found bending over and walking through a narrow tunnel to be less painful than King Tut's crowded room! While there we also saw the Solar Boat which was dismantled and buried so that the Pharaohs would have access to a boat in the afterlife if they needed (and i hope they don't because we have it now).

Then we went down the hill to see the Sphinx, which we barely got to see since everything was closing to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

Following all of that, we had our first camel ride (yes we have pictures!) and then we went to an Egyptian bazaar for some shopping. And now we are back at the hotel preparing for a dinner by the pool with Egyptian music!

Tomorrow will be even more busy!!!! Hopefully, I'll have the energy to post after we get back from our dinner cruise on the Nile!


Craig Clontz said...

That one doesn't look as nice as the one in Vegas. Don't the Egyptians know you're supposed to tear down the old stuff to put up fabulous, new, shiny stuff?

Kathryn said...
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Kate said...

I hate it when there's a ton of people sucking up your oxygen.