Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tour Guides, Vendors and other tips

First a few tips on visiting Egypt. I recommend a tall tour guide with a booming voice if you are going to visit the Egyptian Museum. Our wonderful guide was short and had a very pleasant voice but it was hard to hear her over the roar of the crowd. However, she really showed her knowledge today when we could actually hear all she had to say!

Second, watch out for the “vendors” especially at the Great Pyramids. They followed us everywhere, offering “free” items to bring us good luck. But if you try to walk off with the “free” items they get mad and follow you demanding something from your family. Jeffrey rescued me a couple of times (the key is to never make eye contact, never be polite, and as much as possible try not to talk to them!). I’ve decided I do better in cultures where it isn’t a problem to be friendly!

Third, you really don’t need to enter the Great Pyramids—it is hard work, smells bad (think thousands of years of sweat), and it’s empty.

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