Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Israel Day 1 -- The Dead Sea

We had a beautiful room at Kibbutz Ein Gedi--the lowest place on the earth. The room was lovely and the Kibbutz was even lovelier. After breakfast, we loaded up and headed to Masada--Herod's massive fortress that became the last hold out for the Jewish Zealots after the destruction of the temple. We could have walked up the snake trail but I am very happy to report that we took the cable car to the top!

After our tour of Masada, we had a relaxing lunch at the Ein Gedi spa followed by a float in the Dead Sea and a mud treatment (you slather it on and wash it off--it was fun! I felt like a four year old again!)

Then we loaded up again for a short visit to Qumran where we saw the Dead Sea Scrolls Cave as well as the site of the Qumram community.

Then we loaded up again and drove to Galilee. We had dinner here at the Kibbutz, caught up on e-mail and collapsed in the bed.

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