Sunday, October 28, 2007


Masada was the last hold out of the Jewish Zealots after the destruction of Jerusalem by Rome. The fortress was one of several palaces built by Herod the Great and it was a great beauty when built. But its greatest fame came when Jewish Zealots holed up within its walls and withheld a Roman seige for three months. The seige ended after the Romans built a ramp to the top of the fortress and the Zealots choose to kill themselves rather than surrender. They cast lots to determine which 10 men would kill everyone (suicide being strongly discouraged in Judiasm) and then one of the ten killed the others and finally killed himself. WHen the Romans arrived only two women survived.
This model shows how Masada would have looked during the time of Christ.

You can definitely see the ghost of its ancient glory even today

Here you see the zig zag trail to the top. Judy and Charles wanted to know if we walked up and I told them that we were all so sore after the climb up Sinai that there was no way we were walking when a cable car was available!

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