Saturday, November 17, 2007

Reading Level

Well, I just checked out the reading level of my blogs. This blog is written at a Jr High Reading Level and the Recreation Blog is written at a College Level. Not sure what that means . . . hmm. Hey Jeff and Tony what is the reading level of your blogs?


Jeff said...

I don't have to check..i am pretty sure its like a 1st grade level. hahah. oh wait, do you mean like the level of the people reading or the person doing the blog?

Sherill said...

Well, I was pretty sure about your grade level! But believe it or not your blog tested out as GENIUS!
And so is Tony's! What's wrong with me?!

Tony said...

This test must be some kind of joke.

Tony and "genius" have only ever been uttered in sentences like..."nice job genius, way to screw it up!"