Sunday, December 9, 2007


I've been thinking about Charles' sermon this morning, especially about signs from God. Like Charles, I've never been one to receive lots of visible, audible signs from God. Either I am thick headed and blind or God has generally wanted me to discern his will through a more extensive and intensive process. I've always likened my call to ministry as a light gradually dawning. God generally seems to draw me gently into realizations--maybe because fear has always been such a driving factor in my life. Yet, God has also led me to points in my life when I had no choice but to jump into whatever he was calling me to do--long before I was ready or felt prepared. Of course, that day probably wouldn't ever come for me. Actually, I think part of the reason God pushes me into things I don't particularly want to do is so I will know that I HAVE to rely on God and not myself.

So -- how does God speak to you? What signs have you seen? And when has God pushed you into a new situation/ministry before you felt ready? And how did you respond?


Tony said...

My most consistent sign from God has been through my bookshelf. I get on reading tears and suddenly my shelf is lined with books that usually no one else cares about. Then I step back and wonder. "Why am I reading this? Why am I passionate about this? Why am I flooding over with information on the subject of _________? Then I am like "duh" Tony, you think God might be doing something here? Then I pray about it and then I get in trouble...which seems to always be smack in the middle of what I later clearly see as God's will.

Signs for me usually equal frustration or passion about something. I call it holy discontent.

Sherill said...

Ohhh---reading tears, books on the shelves, passion and especially frustration--now those are signs from God I have great experience with!!!