Monday, January 28, 2008

A Prayer for the Journey

I'm reading Calvin Miller's book "The Path of Celtic Prayer" as part of my morning prayer time and wanted to share some of what I read this morning:
We say we are committed to following Christ wherever he leads. But the truth is that when Christ doesn't reveal where we are going, we get antsy. To be happy, we've got to know our destination. Rather than tarrying in prayer, we make plans for ourselves. We make secondary plans in case our primary plans don't work out. We make tertiary plans in case our secondary plans don't work out. The very notion that God holds our plans and that we get there only by trusting scares us to death.

And one response to that fear is the following prayer:
Father of all humankind, who keeps my journey and marks the horizon of my destiny, love me through my journey toward tomorrow.

Son of God, leader and keeper of the maps, show me not the whole road at once, but give me the distance to be gained in single steps.

Spirit of God, who holds my inner compass, may your presence on the journey awaken trust within me when I don't know what lies around the bend.

God bless to me this day, then I shall make my journey by sunlight and know the way.

Christ, bless to me this uncertain step, then I shall find the step more certain.

Spirit, bless to me this lonely moment, then I shall not be alone.

O Three-in-One, do guard my steps.

Travel with me God.,
and I shall travel with darkness at my back and the Sunlight on my face.

Travel with me Christ,
Then I shall mute the thunder,
and walk through lightning unafraid.

Travel with me Holy Spirit,
and my solo anthem shall have accompaniment throughout the journey.

I am coming to you, O Three-in-One.
One day at a time.
One hour at a time.
One step at a time.

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Marty said...

Are we there yet?

The eternal question ingrained-in-our-souls-from-the-time-we-were-born and may be the whole point of the Martha/Mary story. (Which is way too close to home for me!) So I'll take now and when I dream of tomorrow remember that God is in the now, and sometimes in the dreams, but it is the reality that he deals with in my oh-so-impatient soul. Thanks be to God that he makes me slow down and see the abundance of the now. I'll try to remember that next time I think, "Are we there yet?"