Sunday, January 27, 2008

Trinity Loves Huntsville!

Wow! What a weekend. We held our semi-annual women's retreat which focused on authenticity. We closed by talking about our true identity coming from our baptism and had an unexpected joy as one of the women came up after the retreat and asked to be baptized. We gathered a small congregation and baptized her and today she led her first Sunday School class. Then today we inauggurated our new worship schedule and our first "Trinity Loves the Tennessee Valley" mission day. We has nearly 1200 in worship, baptized two babies and one adult. And then approximately 600 of us scattered all over Huntsville to serve! Matt Reed did an excellent job planning and pulling the mission event together. But it was the congregation that really made this day so amazing! Not only did they participate in the mission event, but I had more greeters than I needed! It was so powerful to watch people walking down the hall and getting to know people they had never met simply because they went to different services. We had 26 people in one of our new Sunday School classes and most of them had not been in Sunday School since high school! And it was so wonderful to be surrounded by children during our children's moment in C&C. I feel so blessed to be a part of God's work in this congregation and this community!

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