Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekly Review

Wow! I can't believe how long it has been since I shared what I have been reading. So, here's my plan. I'm hoping that by sharing the plan with you that I will hold myself accountable to it. Every week or two, I will share some links to some of the most thought provoking things I have read related to church. I'll try to do this on the weekend. Mid-week, I hope to share some of the fun, non-church things that cross my computer screen.

So here is my first (in a long time) weekly review:

I just discovered the Tangible Kingdom website. Granted this site is an attempt to sell their book, but they raise some important questions about how to be a church that is missional rather than attractional. Check out their video which presents some intriguing images of what the church might look like.

Over at Outreach magazine, they share some ideas that echo the themes of Tangible Kingdom. Sue Skalicky shares ideas for Outreach Parties and Steve Molin shared the story of one church which makes sure its community receives signs from God.

Over at Books & Culture, they are discussing a book about the Civil War that has profound implications for today. "Both Read the Same Book" explores how both sides of the debate on slavery used the Bible to support their views.

Over at Out of Ur, they were reporting on the Shift Conference. The one report that really resonated with me was the report on Darren Whitehead's presentation. Whitehead works with Student Ministry at Willow Creek and identified five shifts in student ministry at Willow Creek.
1. Moving from passive to interactive
2. Moving from resolved to unresolved
3. Moving from imitation to imagination
4. Moving from informational to experiential
5. Moving from confession to compassion

My candidate for poor Christian witness of the week comes from Jerusalem. Check out the pugilistic priests.

Matt Smay shares four themes of declining churches.

Well that is all for now. Have a blessed week!

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