Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekly Review

In the past year, I have just discovered the writings of Bishop NT Wright. Check out his reflections on The Biblical Basis for Women's Service in the Church.

Speaking of NT Wright, check out the interview about his newest book, "Surprised by Hope." I'm about half way through with it (it is part of my morning devotional time) and highly recommend it.

I must confess that I can truly relate to Donn Johnson's reflections on weddings at Jibstay.

Check out this observation on whether race or gender is the bigger obstacle in the presidential race (and I suppose in life in general). Also check out this observation on the age gap in the Democratic primary.

According to Time Magazine, one of the 10 ideas that are changing the world is the movement to "Re-Judiazed Jesus." I'm sure my Jewish New Testament professor and the rabbi who taught me "Jesus the Jew" will be glad to know that they were way ahead of the curve!

He Qi is one of my favorite Christian artists. Check out Christianity Today's interview with him.

Check out this great summary of the best of independent Christian music by a secular Jew!

This is your brain on religion.

Bishop Willimon's weekly article addresses new church starts in non-upper class suburban areas and mentions New Life.

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