Friday, June 13, 2008

Shopping Responsibly

As I've shared recently, I struggle with how to be a good consumer in this globalized world. It is a bit overwhelming! So I try to avoid those companies which are the worse offenders (seems like that is the very least I can do). I use a site called Responsible Shopper to help me identify those companies. Today I received their most recent newsletter which identifies 7 Corporations that we should avoid -- I'll share the names but before I do be warned I can just about guarantee that you will be rather attached to at least one of the seven companies (in my case 2 -- ouch!) So here they go (click on the name to find out why):
1. The Gap
2. YUM -- Taco Bell, KFC, Burger King, A&W Rootbeer
3. Disney
4. General Electric
5. Nestle'
6. L.L. Bean
7. DuPont
I guess I have to give up my Taco Bell tacos AGAIN!

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Hillary Dunham said...

I can't even click on the links. i'm too afraid!