Thursday, November 13, 2008

What I have learned this year

Well, I was inspired by Tony's Reflections on the past year. So I decided to write my own list of things I've learned this year. It was not as easy I thought it would be and I bet I'll want to add to this list as soon as I post it--but here it goes:

People are not always what they seem—sometimes that means my heart is broken and sometimes my heart is overjoyed with wonderful new discoveries.

God’s timing is better than mine

God’s humor is better than mine

It is true that your adult child is still your baby

I really do hate goodbyes but I really do like hellos

Change is not only a necessary evil but perhaps it can be a good thing

Challenges make me want to pull my hair out but they are also fun

Some things look much better on paper

I really do need to learn to say “no”

I really am tired of people who can’t admit they might be wrong

I truly need God! And I need the wonderful people, God places in my life.

I prefer preaching, teaching and caring for people to administrative duties

I am not as bad/awkward/limited as I most often think but I’m not as good as I would like to be

My kids are really neat!!!

My husband is the best.

And I am not nearly as good at being short and quirky as Tony Akers.

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amy said...

I second ALL of those for myself!! Well, with the exception of the last one.... I'm not short, I'm 5'5 :-)