Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eclectic Echoes--January 24, 2009

I want to encourage folks to take the time to read my post on Public Prayer and share your thoughts. (Thanks John for your input!) Your responses will help me with my final project for my class! (Yes, I am begging!)

Here are some interesting items from this week:

I spent a lot of time over the last two weeks with Augustine, who according to the author of A Theology for Public Life saw all community as a failed church including the state. As a quiet critic, I not only didn't feel that the church had any direct role in politics, but I also didn't believe the government looked or acted anything like the church (failed or otherwise). But Augustine has gotten me thinking and perhaps the church does has a few things to learn from the state. For instance both the Bush Administration and Obama's Administration are much more diverse than the local church! The Leading Ideas newsletter tackled the issue of the church and race relations--and we still have a long way to go!

Blowing an Uncertain Trumpet or leading a congregation into God's future?

Given our current emphasis on accountability for our ministries based on numbers, Worship as Mission brings up some important points.

The Pro-Life movement evolves

We all know we should pray for our leaders, here is a great article from Christianity Today with points on how to best pray for them.

Steve West has some great leadership insights from Captain Sully

Another view on a study that claims abstinence based education doesn't work.

Phillip is in the process of filling out scholarship applications, so this article on unusual scholarships caught my eye! I don't know whether to encourage him to fashion a prom tux out of duct tape, learn to play the bagpipes, or aspire to be Mr. Rogers (leaning toward the later)!

As many have pointed out, we are quickly moving into a world that is not defined by the color of people's skin. Check out this article on The Third Culture World.

Stuff Christians Like on how occassional swearing by Christians is effective.

It isn't fair! Why Men are Better Dieters than Women

Nimbility as the church's ability to hear God's call and respond without a lot of rigmarole.

David Barnhart has been writing a weekly Haiku based on Scripture. This week's poem on Genesis 5 was particularly wonderful!

Observations on the Inauguration (if you aren't tired of it already!)
Spiritual voices from Religion & Ethics
One observation during our class this past week about Obama's speech was that (with the important exception of Jesus!) no one can be both king and prophet. This reflection from Theolog delves into that some more.
Colson, Piper, Driscoll, and other more conservative views on the inauguration and its prayers.
Dolphus Weary on Obama's Election

And now for this week's laugh from Jon Stewart

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