Friday, July 3, 2009

Eclectic Echoes--July 3rd

Okay--so I haven't exactly run away from anything. The last month has been extremely busy! The last two weeks, I've been at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA for my the introduction to Gospel and Culture Seminar with Mark Douglas and Martha Moore-Keish. Great classmates and great instructors! There are 12 of us who will spend the next four years exploring the connections between the gospel and culture and it was really interesting to hear the varity of projects we intend to explore!

In the meantime, updating the blog, Farmtown on Facebook, and other such things has become nigh unto impossible with school work, church responsibilities, and annual conference tasks! But hopefully, today I'll start getting back into a more normal routine (those of you know me well can quit laughing now!).

Here is just a sampling of interesting items from the past few weeks:
Need a good cry? A Taxonomy of Cinematic Crying

The Sermon Illustration Scorecard

Let's Hear it For Libraries!

Dave Barnhart's Monday Morning Hiaku: Genesis 17

11 People Every Youth Group Needs

Woodlawn UMC perserveres after fire

Top Weaknesses of Effective Pastors

Methodism by the Numbers

Peachtree Presbyterian Pastor: We'll care for any unwanted children! Reminds me of Hauerwas's comment that rather than working to outlaw abortions, the church needed to be the sort of place where abortions were unneccessary.

The Gospel is not a culture ? Kathryn Tanner would agree and says it is a style and I'm begining to agree.

O Pulpit Where Art Thou?

Dave Barnhart's Aha Moments with the Bible and More Aha Moments

UM dying faster than US average

Celebrity Worship: Admiration or Idolatry

And laughs of the week in memory
of MJ (whom I always best loved in parody)

Karl Malden

Billy Mays

Farrah Fawcett

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